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Sug: Alun Limaya (Sulu Waves: Unbound) Radio Program
with Warina Sushil A. Jukuy

aired via Inside Mindanao Internet Radio and DXMM Sulu/Tawi-Tawi

Sug: Alun Limaya Episode 5
Features a young Tausug teacher, artist from Patikul, Sulu. His vision of peace and healing the land for the next generation runs in fluidity with his musical compositions.

Sug: Alun Limaya Episode 4
– Interview clips on women entrepreneurs and their personal aspirations
– Young men air their personal views on Pandami and Pata

Sug: Alun Limaya Episode 3
Fadzrama Mohammad–Daud of Justice Peace Integrity of Creation (JPIC) lends an empowered voice for a muted voice of an oppressed woman who is unaware of her rights as a human being in Islam. Ms. Daud further talks on mankind's injustice to the environment, thus, the climactic and Divine consequences.

Sug: Alun Limaya Episode 2
Features the following:
– Live uncut interview & performance of Bong Pelaez & daughter
– Old lyrical composition of Dr. Benjamin Bangahan
– Interview clips of market vendors and some youthful voices

Sug: Alun Limaya Episode 1
Features substantive rights of Muslim women students (Hijab vis–a–vis pursuit of nursing career).

The song before the extro is from the Ulangig Pamukaw (Awakening Echoes) Album from composer AbduRashid "Bong" Pelaez. The song entitled "Mabutas Da Kamu" (Ultimately You'll Separate) is an allusion to the inevitable separation of the material and spiritual bodies of every human being.

Mr. Pelaez is the founding chairman of the United Tausug Artists Group in Jolo, Sulu.


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